Un paso adelante…

So here is it.  The beginning steps.  I say “beginning” loosely, because this was only just Tintero Readings, but the more I got to think about it, the more I felt that this project also needed to get people at the table to write AND to perform.   So that’s what we’re working on.  In the next few weeks, we should have locked down the venue space for our open mic reading  and then the spaces we will use to host the writing workshops. Yes.  Spaces.  We want to make this a city wide experience.

The format for the open mic will stay simple.  2 poems or 4 minutes – which ever comes first. If you have a short story or a play – make it an excerpt (2 minutos a lo maximo, por favor).

The format for the writing workshops that will change up.  My partner in crime, Jasminne Mendez, and I envision a series of 4 workshops done in a month.  The workshops won’t be done every month though.  We’ll present them every 3rd month.

When I used to host this before, the format was dope. A simple 2 hour workshop.  The first hour is hosted by a guest writer and the second is hosted by either Jasminne or myself.

We got history.  We make this work.  We’ll let you know when we got everything lined up. Grab a pluma.

This has been building and this is where we’ve been (dalé un vistazo las fotos abajo) …

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