Afro-Latinas in Tejas Highlights

Tintero Projects is always striving to highlight the many diverse voices and identities in the Latino/a community. For this reason, we decided to spend an evening honoring and celebrating the work of three Afro-Latina writers from Texas.

Tintero Afro-Latina



On May 25, 2017, at the Leonel Castillo Community Center, Texas poets Natasha (Natty) Carrizosa, Ariana Brown and Jasminne Mendez came together for a reading all about being Afro-Latina in Tejas. They shared poems about identity, culture, home, heritage and language.


It was a night filled with joy, laughter, passion, tears and testimony. A reading like this has never been done in the city of Houston before and we definitely know it won’t be the last time either.

Natty was brought to tears by the words and presence of Ariana Brown’s work about being Afro-Mexicana, and the audience responded to every writer’s work with snaps, claps, head nods and hugs after the show. Both Jasminne and Ariana sold out of their books and members of the audience said they had never experienced a reading like this before. In fact, many were introduced to concept of Afro-Latinidad for the first time.


It was even a transformative event for the writers themselves. This was the first time both Ariana and Natty  had taken part in an all Afro-Latinx event! Overall, we know this event was a resounding success and we’d like to thank our DJ and NCI contact Jose Rivera (Boriquasol), everyone who came out to support, helped carry snacks, and/or donated and spent time with the Tintero Family to make this event possible. We couldn’t do this without you!

Please stay tuned for more details about our upcoming MONTHLY open mic and featured reading series in collaboration with Stages Repertory Theatre to help promote their 2018 Latino/a Theatre Festival: Sin Muros.

(Pictures below taken by Hannah Adair Bonner & Lupe Mendez)

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