¡En Hora Buena!

For our OCTOBER Tintero Reading Series FEATURE, we bring you Marlon Lizama.

In preparation for the upcoming Latino/a Theatre New Playwright’s Festival: Sin Muros at Stages Repertory Theatre, Tintero Projects and Stages have teamed up to help bring more Latino/a audiences to the theatre!

REMEMBER – shows are the 2nd Monday of the month so this month – OCT. 9th , Marlon will wow the crowd with his work and message!

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Marlon’s Bio: 

Marlon Lizama is a Poet/artist that focuses on the cultural aspect of writing and the arts. Coming to the United States at the age of 9, he discovered himself in the sub-cultural called Hip Hop. Joining a group which quickly became world renowned through competition, theater, workshops, and cultural exchange programs, Havikoro represented a group of young dancers, poets, and artist that put Houston on the world culture map. Marlon has been to over 40 countries through competition, performances, poetry shows, and through working with the state department. Currently, Lizama is the Artist in Residence at St. Paul’s Methodist Church, where he is leading and teaching a writing program (Iconoclast Artists) that works with youth from all over the city. Youth groups include Sharpstown high school, incarcerated youth, St. Paul’s spiritual youth group, and Houston probation department. The goal of the program is to create writers and published young authors with the celebrated anthology They Say as the culminating goal.

Marlon most recently published “Cue the Writer: Cheers to the Notion of Love, Hate, God, and Revolution”, a collection of short stories and poetry that speak from a young immigrant’s perspective.

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