Happy New Year! Welcome to 2019!


We are planning on new endeavors for Dos mil diezinueve –  we begin with …


Jan. 31st – Feb. 2nd, 2019


About the Festival: 

In February 2019, Stages and Tintero Projects will celebrate the range of Latinx voices and stories reflecting the diversity of local Texas communities. The second annual Sin Muros will include Alex Alpharaoh’s solo show WET: A DACAmented Journey and developmental workshop readings of new plays by Texas playwrights Georgina Escobar, Jasminne Mendez, and Beto O’Byrne. The festival weekend will be filled with public events for audiences and local theatre-makers, including workshops and networking opportunities.

A RECAP OF 2018:

We finished out our “Art & Lit” readings with the Museum of FIne Arts, Houston to grand success – ¡un gran exito!  But stay tuned, porque les tenemos más en esta frontera.


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