Submissions Parties

As part of the work we do here at Tintero Projects, we want to encourage and celebrate the work of writers. We do this by hosting submissions parties, featured readings and open mics. We know that poetry, fiction, playwriting, non-fiction, etc. are all powerful and that these works need to be supported, whether on the stage or on the page.

What is a Submission Party?
A time when a group of writers come together to submit their work to journals, magazines and publishers.

Food and drink is involved and every time someone submits, we celebrate!

Why a Submissions Party?
To help emerging and veteran writers overcome their fears of submitting, rejections and publication.

To share resources and information for where and how to get published.

When is the next one?

October 17th, 2017
La Casa Mendez (La Casa Frijochuela)
Here is a listing of where folks can send in submissions as of this date!


Past Submissions Parties:

October 30, 2016
East End Studio Art Gallery & Bohemeo’s
2-4pm (during our final Thrill You Writing Workshop)

September 10, 2016
National Women Who Submit Day
Co-hosted with Women Who Submit
@ La Casa Mendez